Monday, 26 March 2012

Outfit Post + Other Interesting Things

Hasn't the weather in the UK been wonderful recently?! I have this week off work, and for once I've timed it to coincide with this glorious weather so that I can enjoy it rather than be stuck indoors the whole time.

First outfit post in a very long time, it's been a chore getting into the habit of taking them now I'm back at work. I'm going to try to do them on a slightly more regular basis, and I have no excuse now that the evenings are lighter (British Summer Time ftw).

Hat: Matalan // Dress: Tesco // Sandals: Primark

I wore the above for a short trip to East Riddlesden Hall, a manor house not far from me. Just a simple floral dress - one of about 20 I have in my collection, no kidding. I really love these sandals that I got from Primark last week; I've been looking for a kind of simple, rustic sort of pair for ages, and once again good old Primark came up with the goods. They're real leather, and although at £12.99 they're not cheap by Primark's standards, I was prepared to pay that princely sum - we'll see how long they last though, I am pretty brutal to my shoes!

East Riddlesden Hall wasn't the most interesting of places to visit, though it was very pretty; on a day like today, it was worth the entrance fee just to walk round the grounds and get excited about green things growing (I get that excited about springtime). 

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