Sunday, 4 March 2012

Baking Banocolate!

(I tried to think of something relating to muffins that began with B to continue the alliteration but couldn't find anything, so I avoided it altogether. Alliteration is awesome but it causes headaches, kids).

Today we had snow (in March? is this really necessary, weather god?) and, if it wasn't snowing, it was teeming down with rain. All in all a very miserable day. 

Days like this, however, are made immeasurably better by spending a little time in the kitchen baking some delicious goodies. I sat down with my favourite book of Nigella's, Kitchen, pondering over what I should bake, and made my decision based on a sad little group of over-ripe bananas on our kitchen table.

Nigella calls them Banana Chocolate Muffins but I thought, if Banoffee is an acceptable conglomeration of words, why not Banocolate? I think it has a kind of ring to it, so I shall be referring to this flavour combination as such henceforth.

I deviated from Nigella slightly by throwing in some dark chocolate chips in addition to the cocoa powder, and I think they were a definite Good Thing. The chocolatey-ness is not too sweet and overpowering over the banana, it's a nice balance. Also nicely moist on account of the banana, they're totally rad and delicious. I shall be baking these again fo'sho!

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