Monday, 9 April 2012

nice things

♥ friendship bracelets. I know, I'm reverting to my 12 year old self, but my love for these simple little adornments will never cease. Ironically, last summer when they were all the rage my love for them waned, but now it's back stronger than ever. I made 7 in the space of a week, and I will wear them all the time until they drop off.

♥ chocolate Phildadelphia. Told you I wasn't going to shut up about it. It seriously is the food of the gods.

♥ Hotel Chocolat chocolate. Well, it is Easter, that's my justification for having two chocolate-related nice things this week. I bought myself a little easter egg from Hotel Chocolat as a treat to myself and ohmygosh their milk chocolate is the nicest milk chocolate I have ever had. Even nicer than Lindt, and that's a high accolade coming from me. Plus my egg came with a little pot of super-cute chicks and bunnies.
 ♥ British Summer Time. The clocks have gone forward, the evenings are getting lighter - things can only get better from here on in people!

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