Tuesday, 10 April 2012

New Things in March

A bit late, but April is already proving to be a busy month - as was March, looking at my list of new things.

☼  Found a nice new (to me) drinking establishment in Leeds, the White Swan
☼  Bottle-fed newborn lambs (!!!!!)
☼  Baked banocolate muffins
☼  Went to a jazz night at a pub in Huddersfield
☼  Carried a live frog in my hands (random)
☼  Went to a nightclub all by myself
☼  Visited Winchester
☼  Visited Bristol (think I could love this city...)
☼  Ate chocolate Philadelphia + baked with it
☼  Watched two new films: Girl, Interrupted and Whip It
☼  Read four new books: Far From the Madding Crowd, Lady Chatterley's Lover, Dibs in Search of Self, and Dear John
☼  Got my car towed by a recover truck (a nerve-wracking and ultimately expensive experience... Not looking to repeat this)
☼  Took my first pictures with my Polaroid camera (they were rubbish so no scans I'm afraid)
☼  Visited East Riddlesden Hall
☼  Watched a horseball demonstration

 gratuitous lamb shot

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