Friday, 13 April 2012


I started this blog last year, and began to really focus on it in December while I was off work for some time following an operation. It was something to help pass the time in a bettering-the-self kind of way; it's improved my knowledge of website building/languages from nonexistent to barely-existent, and it's helped me to focus on certain interests and areas of my life that I wanted to develop - such as the books I've read, new skills I've learned, and my goals for the year.

However. As much as I enjoy writing for this blog when I have the time, now that I'm healed from my op and leaving the house more, I don't feel like it's as necessary to me any more. At this point in my life, I would rather be out having fun with friends than thinking of things to write about here - help, I think I'm turning into an extrovert!

As much as I'd like to dedicate more time to my blog and build it up, it's becoming less of a priority for me now, so I have decided to take a bit of a break and not worry myself about finding things to write about or even finding the time to think of things to write about. I will still post every now and again, but more as a way of recording my activities and the places I visit. And, hopefully, in a year or two, I will be using this blog to record my travels around... Wherever I end up visiting. In the meantime, I will see you sporadically! (reference to Clueless because I am not sad at all)

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